The South Vietnamese Bridal Service

The north Vietnamese bridal service is more than just a marriage, it’s about honoring the ancestors and bringing good fate to the partners. This is why it’s crucial for the pair to get along well with their relatives and ancestors.

In the past, the groom’s parents and friends would walk to the bride’s home for the proposal ceremony (tng hi). This is where they will pay tribute to the ancestors of the future bride and ask for their blessings. Typically, this involves an altar with offerings like food, wine, tobacco and jewelry.

The proposal ceremony can still be seen at weddings buy a wife from vietnam today, even though it is n’t as common as it once was. The groom’s kids likely deliver products to the bride during this time. Additionally, they will request agreement to get married. The pair and their ancestors will receive blessings from the potential bride’s community in profit.

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This symbolizes how nearby the households are, making it a very special part of the ritual. It’s a difficult moment for both parties right now.

To commemorate this historic event, the bride and groom’s household did sip Green Tea or Chrysanthemum Tea together. Additionally, they will exchange gifts for a long and happy marriage as well as cash and family heirlooms. Attendees are also encouraged to empty their gifts during this time. Since the partners will remain honored by their occurrence on this day, it’s crucial that the tourist dress to the nines.


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